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Mind and brain are two different elements. Mind is subtle. Brain is physical. Brain is the instrument of the mind. Mind cannot exist in absence of time and space. Mind is constantly moving because its base- time is constantly moving. Mind survives only in past or future.
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Stressfree living fearless thinking

You cannot use your mind. Mind uses you. Reverse the cycle.

Our community aims for a peaceful life. Eighty years ago Dale Carnegie wrote ‘Stop Worrying and Start Living’ but people are still worrying-stressed out. Except very few lucky ones, practically everyone goes through a stress period during his or her lifetime for one or another reason. Pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars to give temporary relief and so do psychiatrists and psychologists. All remedies seem temporary bandages for the stressfree living and fearless thinking. Always there is a new reason and stress returns again and again.

If stress is a mental disease why well learned psychiatrists and psychologists have not found a permanent solution for themselves?

  • First: truth: it is a mental issue-not the outside circumstances that cause you the stress.
  • Second truth: If it is a mental issue, if must be your thinking process that needs to change.
  • Third truth: If it is a thinking process, you must know your mind and be aware of the process to change it. If we are aware of the process, we must find patterns, causes and solutions to correct the path. Out mind is very complex instrument. Before we get into complexity of the mind, let us come down to earth and find some of the common stresses towards stressfree living and fearless thinking.

Circumstances by themselves are unable to cause you the stress.

When you say  “Oh!  Such and such is causing me stress”, recognize that your thinking process causes you the stress and it needs to change a lot.

StressFree Living and fearless thinking should be the right choice. Usually stress arising out of

  • Loss of income-job-unemployment, no savings, unpaid bills
  • Loss of assets-Home, savings, investments
  • Loss of relationships-Break-ups, divorces, death, friends, relatives, loneliness
  • Loss of children-safety, education, wellbeing, health
  • Loss of reputation-divorce, suits, jail time, bankruptcies
  • Loss of health-illness, dependence, money, death
  • And some situations beyond your control

If you are suffering from any of the above reasons or any other reasons, the book “Fearless Thinking, Stress-Free Living” will guide you to may pathways. Stress is yours until you let it go. The book “Fearless Thinking, Stress-Free Living” will take you in a deep recess of your mind to find your mental processes and guide you with the proper mental exercises to release your stress. If you are interested to dig deeper,
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Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have. Mind uses you.

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