Revolutionize Your Thinking:

Some of the revolutionary ideas you will come across to change your thinking pattern such as “you cannot use your mind. Mind uses you.” or what about mind cannot function without time!

You cannot cure yourself unless you know the subtle causes. There are apparent causes such as loss of job or divorce or disease etc. There are also subtle causes behind everything that happens. You will be introduced to the principle of Happenings to give you the peace of mind. Understanding and activating the principle of Happening in your mind will calm you down.

It is not just the money:

When you have financial issues-job or income loss, asset loss, unpaid bills, health issues causing financial drains and many such causes and when you think only money will solve your problems, when time seems your enemy, you need to learn how to turn around and use the time to relieve your stress. This will require 180 degree turn but hey, what is more important Peace of Mind or your thinking patterns?


Do you know your body is exact copy of your mental body or your body is sum total of your vibrations? Do you know what causes and changes the vibrations? Do you know that any disease first appears in your mental set up? Do you know your habits and rigid propensities or mental patterns of thinking?

The book Fearless Thinking, Stress-free living, Guaranteed (Almost)” guides you to know the subtleties of the mind and you will know the causes of the diseases. Know the causes of diseases and enjoy better health”.It shows you how to prevent or minimize the disease arising out of your thinking patterns.


Hurts of the heart are difficult to heal.
Are you cheated by your partner? Did you go through a divorce? Did your friends or relatives cause you heart burning? Understanding the relationships from a different angle is the beginning to understand to heal your pain. Many times you are advised to forgive others to reduce your pain but you cannot forgive unless you understand it from a reflective point of view.

Most of the times mechanical repeating “I forgive” does not work unless it arises from the heart. But when you have so much pain, forgiveness does not arise from the heart. There are pre-requisites before forgiveness arises from. You need to know and develop these pre-requisites to forgive from the heart. Know the signs of true forgiveness. When you do understand in that way, you not only forgive and appreciate but also why and what happened and the value of the event.


We, westerners just utter “Thank you” thousands of times a day. It has become a mechanical attitude. You must know what gratitude is, how to express it properly and the role of gratitude in alleviating your stress. As you read the book “Fearless Thinking, Stress-free living-Guaranteed (Almost) “you will understand and express gratitude correctly and know the obscure places where pain is hiding, how to discover and how to let go your stress by use of reverse psychology.


A Condition in love is a forerunner of a disaster waiting to happen.
Thousands of lectures and millions of words are used to exhort you to love a fellow man. Still generations after generations, it has remained very elusive. Many break-ups, heart burns, ugly divorces have littered the lives of billions of people.

Is your stress because somebody left you for other woman or man! Are you cheated? How to dig down find a gem of true love? The book “Fearless Thinking, Stress-free living. Guaranteed (Almost) A Life changing solution for Peace and Happiness” tells you how to find the root causes, change your perspectives, expectations and conditions to find a gem of true love. Resolve your love problems by understanding the love that is beyond time and space and unconditional.

Save your relationship. Dig out the weeds. Build it on an unshakeable foundation. The book guides you to the proper role of the relationships, Stress-free livingtheir true purpose and will lead you to a fresh understanding of interpersonal relationships from a different angle.

When you understand and maintain the relationships from this understanding, all your interactions with other people take a new dimension giving you love, joy, and peace rather than strain and stress. How important relationships are to you? Are you ready for real happiness?


Did you expect to get the raise or promotion that you did not get? Did you expect somebody to help you out but did not? Did you expect a handsome return in your investment but turned out to be a loss? These and many other expectations fail and cause you stress. You have to master the game of expectations in order to free yourself from the stress. How to control your disappointments is important so that you remain calm in spite of what happens around you. It is you and only you that matters the most. Nobody else will take care of it. The Book will show how to avoid disappointments causing you stress from such situations.

Needs and Desires:

What you need and what you desire are two separate things. Needs are divinely decided. Desires are humanly created. Your legitimate needs will be satisfied but not all the desires. Failure of the desires causes you pain and ultimately stress. Some desires are good such as helping someone in the needs. However keep in mind that what you perceive as a need of the person may not be the real need of that person. Not being able to help the person you might feel bad but if you understand that needs of each person can be different than your own perspective, you will not feel any regrets.

Similarly your own desires may not be good for you and may not be fulfilled. The book “Fearless Thinking, Stress-free Living- Guaranteed (Almost)” will guide you how t separate Wheat from Chaffs.


Last but not least, the one who rules yours and my lives and make our lives miserable is EGO. Ego is a thief. It hides, connives, pretends, and leads you on a wrong path. It does spoil your lives, livelihood, relations, money and anything that it puts its deception on it. How do you figure out that ego has taken control over you? Where do you find ego hiding? Everybody has ego including saints and sages. Make no mistake absolute eradication of ego is not possible. The trick is to find and minimize it. One simple technique which takes a less than a minute to stop it on the track is all that you need.

Each point is logically explained so that you can understand it. Without the understanding it properly, you will not agree with it. Without agreement you will not practice it. And without practice your stress will remain with you. It is said that persons retain only 10% of what they have heard, read or seen after 24 hours. Well, that is what we are, so I have included points to remember after each chapter and the exercises that you can do to change your perspective or digest new understanding.

Remove Stress:

Dale Carnegies missed the root cause of the stress. It is the mother of all stresses. It is the root cause to which psychologists and psychiatrists pay no attention as it is invisible, undetected and difficult to handle unless you are consciously aware of it. No matter what is the cause or concern you may have but the seed is in the secret.

Your body and mind are under control of this system. Many diseases arise due to failure of this system. The Book will show you proven small tactics that you can use to reduce or eliminate your stress. You must practice before hand in order to avoid any stress in any situation. The book explains why, what and how anybody can use this system just by observing your own body.

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